» Glenda Bautista is a technical product manager and systems architect with a background in online publishing, advertising, business intelligence, rich media, and search technology. | more info
» Agendacide is a blog that has been the repository for all, if not most of, my essays and stories since 1998. It also functions as a sandbox for more personal and technical endeavors. | RSS feed
» The CraneKick Network is an audio collective that I founded. We produce music and program sonically-loaded podcasts, reminiscent of college radio broadcast-type geekery. | iTunes
» Tin Foil Star features most of my multimedia, and is primarily a photo and videoblog that has me shooting, editing, growing, and learning about life, others, and the world around us. | iTunes
» Armored Heart is a frequently updated, haphazard assortment of digital scraps and links that I find littered all over the internet — they're curious finds from adventures online. | RSS feed
» The Tide Must Turn (TMT) is an electronic, post-rock band in which I sing, and play all sorts of instruments like the guitar, keyboards, and drums... but not all at the same time. That'd be sweet, though.
» GL3NDA is an ongoing interactive art experiment, dependent upon an array of input data. It is specifically coded to change and arrange contents at random... the keyword being "random." | start